Style tips for Makar Sankranti, Lohri & Pongal

In between a cosy and relaxed winter routine, It's time to get all glammed up for festivities!!

Fortunate to have been born/living in a diverse country that celebrates Magh Bihu, Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Pongal at the same time of the year.

At sourceitright, We believe that all celebrations should be honoured in a diverse style, as should your outfit choices. Therefore, we have some recommendations and pointers to choose from instantaneously and accurately.

Magh Bihu

Magh Bihu is a festival celebrated in Assam. Assamese wear red, white & beige colour-curated clothes for the festival. Women wear exquisite beige-coloured saree with red borders called mekhela chador, made from silk fabrics. You can reconstruct your traditional saree into a dress for a definitive and modern look. Check out our Munga silk or red, white, and beige-coloured fabrics.

সকল ো অসমবোসী ৰোইজল ভ োগো ী ববহুৰ অফু ৰন্ত শুল চ্ছো জ্ঞোপন কবৰল ো।


Who doesn't relish a winter bonfire with women singing "Sunder Mundriye Ho" while men dance the bhangra gidda to the beat of dhol!?

Though it is a heritage of Punjab, Lohri is celebrated all over the nation & some foreign countries with the same spirit and devotion.

Slay this year's look in a Kurti-palazzo or Kurti-skirt set in our bright and colourful chiffons, embroidered fabrics, thread embroidered fabrics and some of our curated materials for the celebration.

Makar Sankranti

With the passing years, the tradition of wearing black on Makara Sankranti is changing to a more colourful approach.

Undoubtedly, the traditional and scientific logic of black is still accepted among people; bright and vibrant colours complement the pigments of kites in the plain sky.

This year, go with a breathable, easy and stylish yet functional silhouette and don't miss a chance to shout 'Kai Po Che' or 'vo katiiii.'

Check out our shades of black and cotton prints and if you are in the spirit for something quirky, try our kite prints.


Pongal is celebrated as a gratitude to nature for offering a good harvest and shelter. Simplicity and subtleness are the essences of the celebration.

On this day, women wear a half sari; a lehenga with a pre-draped or a short-length saree draped above or a full silk sari according to their choice of look gajra as ornamental significance, while men wear a white colour cotton dhoti with a golden border with angavastham, so traditionally rich, right?

People in Pongal celebration love to wear cotton and silk & we have just the right option for you !! check out our kinds of cotton like Mangalgiri Cotton, Ethnic border, south cotton however, if you wish to look more aesthetical and traditional, Sourceitright is the place for suitable fabrics for you; check out our Daman silk border, dupion silk and All silk fabrics.


When there is so much diversity, there has to be a common thing to unite all the people; for us, it is our Nation... Therefore, all festivals are celebrated with respect and devotion throughout the country.

After a long break of two years, the festivals are finally being celebrated with the same enthusiasm as in the past, before covid. So don't feel shy to cut your neighbor's patang & compete over loud music on the terrace and dance your feet off to the tune of bhangra while the girls out there mesmerize you with their half sari accessorized with gajra & hands decorated with Alta.