Discover your Taste in Fashion

In this era, fashion is fast moving whereas style remains eternal.

Discovering your taste in fashion is like a soul-searching activity to create an authentic & beautiful style for yourself based on your style essence. 

Personal style is all about experimenting with fashion to discover which clothes make you feel the most confident. While it is of utmost importance to find your comfort level along with an aesthetic style that resonates with you, there are many style categories which you might, at some point in your life, will want to adopt. 

To ease things for you, we have come up with some tips and pointers that might help. 

1) Laid-back Look

A laid-back look is casual, comfortable, simple, and approachable and reflects a carefree personality. It entails having a simple, uncluttered wardrobe of everyday staples that you may wear any day of the week. This style portrays self-satisfaction through comfort.

Go in for fabrics like Cottons linen, as they are light and breathable. These are available at our store in all forms;  printedplainsdyeableembroidered, handloom weaved

2) Classic look

The core of classic style is quality and timelessness. Elegance and simplicity are what make a classic look. However, unlike a laid-back look, a classic look requires effort and high-quality clothing. 

Shopping according to your shape, recognizing the value of tailoring, and a great selection of premium fabrics such as pure silks and satins will help you establish an organized and classy wardrobe.

3) Quirky look

A quirky look is a unique expression of your existence in the world that is not only noticed but is loudly visible. People with a quirky style stand out from the crowd. A daring look and colour palette that screams bold,

challenging & fearless makes you a quirky inspiration to follow. Today, people have chosen to be more eccentric than they have ever been; for example, male figures are wearing colors and accessories linked with femineity and delicacy.

 At sourceitright, we have just the quirky fabrics for you to create this look, like holographic tissue, quirky prints & other imported/Embroidered Fabric materials.

4) Chic look

Gentle, sophisticated, smart, attractive and elegant are the essence of a chic look. Chic style is a simple look that is put together with little or no effort. It is the outcome of a wardrobe full of pieces that mix and match easily and have an individual interest. 

Alluringly bright accessories, a delicate yet bold and statement-worthy appearance with a lot of confidence and delicacy make a chic look!

Create a perfectly chic look with our printed chiffons, georgettes, organza and imported shimmer fabrics.

5) Aesthetical look

When it comes to aesthetics, none can beat Indian aesthetical looks. So natural and subtle, this charismatic look is praised and loved by all sorts of lifestyles—a raw and earthy vibe, so pleasing to the eyes.

Our culture is rich in art forms and has an ancient legacy of handloom textiles. At Sourceitright, we have a variety of Indian looms and materials for all kinds of fabric lovers.


Now that you've established your colors and style, feel confident in your body type and create an original individual vibe with your personalized touch. Also, be open to change and understand what is important to you!

Sourceitright is all & everything about fabrics and making beautiful materials readily available. Our ideas, efforts & goals are focused and will always be focused on becoming the most loved fabric destination. Our team members come from varying backgrounds, but we all share love and passion for Indian fabrics & customer satisfaction.