Different Fabric Materials for Different Looks
People nowadays appreciate fashion more than ever before and always want to wear garments that make them look stylish. Fashion not only makes people look great, but it also gives them a sense of confidence. The fabric is the first important factor you should consider when shopping or creating a piece of clothing. It impacts your outfits' overall style and beauty.

There are many different and exciting fabrics to work with today.
We have created a list of materials with everything you need to know about them for your convenience.

Cotton Printed Fabrics

Cotton is a natural material derived from cotton plants. No fabric is more comfortable than cotton, especially in a tropical country like India.It is most preferred for office and daily wear. Go in for crisp cotton Kurtis or a printed cotton saree for the office. Cotton kaftans are perfect for lounging at home.

Ajrakh Print Fabrics

Ajrakh is the oldest textile block printing tradition in South Asia. Ajrakh comes from the Arabic term Azrak, meaning "blue." Blue is one of the primary colours used in Ajrakh printing. Ajrakh printing is done on various materials, with cotton being the most economical and modal silks being the most luxurious and expensive. While these are the most common, additional materials include mashru silk, chanderi, dola silk, and rayon.This print lends an ethnic look to your outfits. Ajrakh dresses, sarees, dupattas, and stoles are popular in India and worldwide. It has become a fashion statement for affluent shoppers looking for organic, ethical wear. Pair an ajrakh outfit with silver or oxidised jewellery to up your fashion game.

A tip to extend the life of your Ajrakh fabric wash it with shampoo!

Georgette Fabrics

Georgette is a lightweight, flowy, breathable, and semi-sheer fabric.
The delicate yet bouncy aspect of the Georgette fabric makes it ideal for special occasions, and pure silk georgette's airy and lightweight qualities are perfect for a basic, casual style.Georgette's incomparable drape quality makes it perfect for sarees, lehengas and dresses.

It gives the wearer an elegant yet effortless appearance. Because of its featherlight nature, it may be utilized for heavy embroidery, designs, artwork, embellishments, and much more and the reason it is preferred for weddings and other functions.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is a plush, luxurious fabric distinguished by a dense pile of evenly cut threads with a smooth nap. It has a beautiful drape and a distinctly soft and lustrous appearance.

Initially made of silk, velvet is generally made of synthetic and natural fibres nowadays.
Polyester, nylon, viscose, or rayon are used to make synthetic velvet.
The popularity of velvet in fashion stems from its comfort and elegance. Therefore, it is our first thought for evening wear. You can use this soft and luxurious fabric to make stylish co-ord sets, make a saree and pair it with a contrast blouse or even as a dupatta. Velvet outfits capture both light and attention in a room.

Printed Silk Fabrics

Silk is a natural fabric that insects produce to make their nests and cocoons.
Printing on silk has grown in popularity in recent decades. Printed silk is a length of silk yarn or silk clothes with printed patterns and designs. A more contemporary technique to style silk is by printing, which offers several benefits to the modern consumer in terms of versatility and cost-effectiveness (if machine printed).The word "silk" conjures visions of soft, silky, and luxurious fabric. This fabric is the epitome of luxury, drapes beautifully and can give any outfit an expensive, high-end look.

Co-ord set, Shift dress, Kaftan, Gowns, Saree, and lehenga choli are a few silk print garments that look good and make you feel great!

Now that you have an idea of the fabrics and the look they can give your outfit, go ahead and bring out the designer in you to create a variety of looks.