Best Fabric for Designer Sarees

The Indian saree's flattering and fluid drape has enchanted millions around the world. Sarees are a timeless silhouette that can be worn anywhere and anytime. It is subtle yet seductive at the same time. This sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple outfit works beautifully as elegant comfort wear as well as a glamorous style statement, from formal office meetings to the red carpet.

You'll be amazed at the variety of sarees available these days, both in the market and online! Sarees are now designed and created in every color, texture, styling, and fabric imaginable to keep up with changing trends and lifestyles. Women gain access to innovative drapes that suit their personal fashion and style preferences as the world of fashion evolves in terms of creativity. Pre-drape sarees are now preferred by many women over traditional sarees. This is because pre-drape sarees do not need to be pleated and thus have a more fashionable appearance. The best thing about these pre-drape and concept sarees is how simple it is to style them and how many different ways they can be worn.

However, due to the fact that different fabrics have different textures and fall, not all fabrics complement this outstandingly feminine ensemble. Every fabric has a unique density and weaving style, giving the fabric a unique set of possibilities in terms of fall, fold/pleats, and flowing smoothness. On the other hand, too much variety can be perplexing! Choosing the right saree fabric is critical, especially for high-end designer sarees, which are rarely purchased and worn only on special occasions. Let's take a closer look at what makes a good saree fabric.


Fabrics For Saree

There's nothing like the feeling of draping a Soft flowy saree fabric around you. The way the pleats fall, the way the fabric moves; it's all just so elegant. But what exactly makes a good saree fabric?

For starters, the fabric should be soft and flowy. No one wants to feel like they're being choked by their saree! The fabric should also be able to hold pleats well. No one likes a saree that doesn't pleat well.

Lastly, the fabric shouldn't be too thick. Thick fabrics can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to drape the saree correctly.

So there you have it! Soft, flowy, and thin fabrics are the way to go when it comes to sarees. Choose your fabrics wisely and you'll be sure to look fabulous!

Different Types of Saree Fabrics


Beautiful organza sarees are a recent addition to the saree family and are one of the current trends that have all females falling in love with them. Although they are much lighter than chiffon fabric or crepe fabric sarees, they do differ slightly from those fabrics. There are always items that are hand-painted or block-printed with attractive floral and pattern motifs.

There is a wonderful assortment of Organza Fabric at Sourceitright. All three types of organza fabric embroidered, printed, and plain solid—work beautifully for sarees. To give the organza cloth a lovely appearance, use satin for the top and petticoat.


This is possibly the most relaxed fabric of all. Pure and soft cotton can be folded elegantly to make sleek saree pleats, offering a great fall for formal wear and business meetings. Cotton sarees help you relax in the heat and are thus appropriate for both daily wear and summer weddings.

During the summer season, feel free to select crisp cotton fabrics in hues like white or pastel tones. When looking for cotton fabric sarees, visit Sourceitright to get a sizable selection of fabrics made of Kalamkari, Bagru, Ajrakh, and Ikat that are perfect for cotton sarees.


Silk is a delightful fabric for making all types of sarees and is one of the most pricey and hard-to-seek fabrics. In terms of ease of draping, pleating, and comfort, good-quality silk sarees are exceptional for weddings, ceremonies, special occasions, and parties. There are numerous silk options available, including velvet silk, munga silk, pure raw silk, banarasi silk, and others, each of which is a work of art in its own right.

However, because of their exquisite craftsmanship and fine weave, banarasi silk sarees are the most well-liked in India. A broad variety of silk fabrics are available at Sourceitright, all of which were woven by skilled weavers who knew how to transform them into magnificent pieces of art.


Satin is an effortless fabric that strikes the perfect balance between grace and glamour. It is a long-lasting, wrinkle-free fabric that provides sarees a lovely fall and a fresh, contemporary appearance. Satin Fabric sarees look great and provide the proper amount of sheen for wearing as evening attire. 

For that fab look, pair a plain solid color satin fabric with an embroidered fabric blouse. If you're wondering where to find satin fabrics, you've come to the right place. We have satin fabrics in every color imaginable.


Georgette fabric is one of the most frequently used fabrics for sarees. The light effect of georgette fabric gives a saree a delicate appearance. This fabric enhances your curves and gives you a more classy look. Georgette Fabric is extremely versatile; it can be worn for daily wear as well as for large fancy parties or weddings.

They come in a variety of colors and shades, and the ombre effect looks great on georgette, giving it a modern feel. Explore our georgette collection and find your next saree fabric at Sourceitright.

Choosing the right fabric for your saree will ensure that you do not end up looking out of place - and that you are also comfortable, regardless of the event or day. Also, the best fabric is one that is easy to wear, carry, and maintain, and most importantly, one that makes you feel good about yourself - and your appearance! So, what are you holding out for? Make the most of our discounted fabric collection and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Hopefully, we have helped you choose the right fabric for your next saree purchase!

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