What to wear to an Indian Wedding as a Guest?

It's the wedding season! So what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you receive a wedding invitation? What do I wear?

You are not the only one. It's a universal question!

Here are some suggestions and tips that will help you(hopefully 😉answer the question.

How to decide your outfit to attend wedding?

The main wedding ceremony is preceded by various pre-wedding functions, each with its distinct ambience and dress code. So naturally, this will influence your wardrobe selection.

Wear your personality, experiment with silhouettes, and mix and match things in an innovative way. The current trend in Indian clothing is to recycle existing items from your closet and combine them with something fresh.

Colors for the Occasion

Color is an important consideration when choosing your attire.

Bright, vibrant color is always in trend for an Indian wedding, regardless of the season or location. Unless there is a dress code or a color theme, you can wear whatever colors you like, from vivid pinks to glittering greens and mysterious blues, even sorbet or pastel colors or the entire palette. Most guests wear brightly colored attire; having said that choose a color you resonate with. However, avoid wearing red/maroon, as the bride generally wears red and its shades, and you don't want to upstage her. Another color to avoid is black, as it is not considered auspicious.

Wedding dress etiquette for guests

Indian weddings are typically made up of several events that take place over the course of two or three days, with the wedding ceremony being only one of them.

We recommend that you dress appropriately for the event. From strictly traditional ensembles to cutting-edge designer attire, your wardrobe choice should be dictated by the occasion and socially acceptable dress norms. However,  the bottom line is to enjoy yourself while dressing up.

Haldi Ceremony.

This delightful and fun ceremony involves putting turmeric paste on the bride and groom's faces. Unfortunately, as a result, your party-wear garment may develop persistent yellow stains. Yellow and Orange colored outfits are an excellent choice for two reasons: they conceal the appearance of turmeric stains, and yellow has virtually become the de facto color code for the Haldi event.

A safe bet is a light georgette or chiffon saree, a kaftan, or even a simple kurta and pants. 

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The Mehndi party has the most girl power of any wedding event.

Because the mehendi application might take a long time, entertainment is essential. The ambience is bright and vibrant, with wedding music and dancing. The guest list for this event is generally smaller, so it is an honour to be invited. Floral suits and lehenga cholis, crop tops with dhoti pants, and peplum tops are all appropriate for the occasion and perfectly match the vibe. Be sure to wear an outfit with short sleeves.

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This is one function that you don't want to miss. This musical evening with exuberant dance performances by family and friends complements the main wedding ceremony with its lively ambience. The dress code is usually traditional ethnic. You can't go wrong in a blingy lehenga, a classic Indian sari will also set the mood. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is comfortable as a lot of dancing is involved.

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The Indian wedding ritual is a beautiful breathtaking event with the bride and groom taking mangal pheras around the holy fire. These pheras unite the newlyweds in a sacred bond that ties them as each other's spouses in all life situations.

There are a series of religious rituals, and the dress code is purely traditional. A lehenga or sari will fit in just perfectly. Richly adorned sharara outfits and Anarkali suits are also appropriate for the occasion.

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P.S.- Don't forget to pack some Kaftans and Kurtis for after-parties, high teas, and in-between festivities.

The bottom line is that at an Indian wedding, you can never be overdressed, so don't be afraid to go all out with your outfits, jewellery, and makeup and most importantly- Have fun!