Shades of Colors for Indian Wedding Outfits

Colors are a big part of Indian weddings and can be seen in both the bride's and groom's as well as the guests' outfits. You can never be dressed too brightly for an Indian wedding, and you'll often find a rainbow of colors present. Shades are a great way to incorporate the vibrancy of color into your outfit without going overboard. 

A favorite phrase of the elders, when asked what colors we should wear, used to be "लालहरापीला" which translated means "Red, Green, and Yellow". Over the years, these colours have become synonymous with Indian weddings and remain the go-to shades when one is looking for a splash of color.

However, nowadays, a variety of other colours are seen at Indian weddings, with people opting for pastels and even more unconventional shades such as blue and pink, as well as brighter tones of orange and fuchsia. On the other hand, some colors, like white and black, are avoided, as they are generally seen as inauspicious and unsuitable for wedding occasions.

We have created a list of colors that are commonly seen at Indian weddings, and one can choose from a variety of shades depending on their taste, whether it's your wedding or attending one, so you can pick the perfect hue.

Radiant Red

The color red symbolizes love, passion, and joy in Indian culture and is the most preferred color by the bride. It is seen as a beautiful color to celebrate the union of two hearts and is believed to bring good luck and fortune. Hence, traditionally handcrafted sarees and modern lehengas in red on fabrics like velvet, silk, and satin have been favored by brides for centuries, ranging from deeper tones like maroon to brighter shades like poppy red and cherry red.

Our Shades of Red fabric collection is inspired by the power of this colour and celebrates the beauty and joy of Indian weddings. 

Sunny Yellow

Yellow is synonymous with sunshine and optimism, making it the perfect color to celebrate a joyous occasion. As a result, many brides choose yellow to express their joy and happiness for the journey ahead. Friends and family also choose yellow as a cheerful, sunny color to bring good luck and positivity on the special day.  

From the warm, golden hues of mustard to the cheerful shade of lemon, we have a variety of yellow shade fabrics available for any event..

Glittering Green

The color green brings freshness and new beginnings to mind, signifying hope, growth, and vitality. Whether it is the bride, her attendants, or guests of the wedding, wearing Green is said to bring the newlyweds good luck and prosperity in their married life. 

With our vast range of Green fabrics, you can find the perfect one for your special occasion.

Pretty Pink

Pink is the new red and is quickly becoming a popular wedding color for both the bride and groom. It is a perfect way to bring a vibrant energy to the wedding and allows the bride and groom to experiment with shades ranging from dusty and hot pinks to fuchsia. 

Whether it's your lehenga, saree, or groom's sherwani, our pink shade fabrics collection provides a wide range of fabrics to create your dream wedding look.

Glowing Orange

Orange color signifies warmth and joy and can be a perfect way to brighten up the wedding ceremony. The bride can make a grand entrance wearing a glimmering orange lehenga, adding a spark to her look. The bridesmaids, too, can add a cheerful pop of orange to their ensemble with a vibrant orange saree or Anarkali.

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Magnificent Magenta

Neither soft like pink nor dark like purple, Magenta is a vibrant shade that strikes the perfect balance between light and dark. It is preferred by brides looking for an exciting and unique color palette and is also an excellent option for bridesmaids to add vibrancy and exuberance to their looks.

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Ultimately, Indian weddings aren't complete without a splash of color, whether it's in the wedding attire or the wedding décor. So go ahead and choose the shades that best represent you, either as a bride or a groom or even as a part of the wedding party. After all, a wedding is a day to be remembered for a lifetime and adding color to the occasion makes it even more special.

The wedding of your dreams deserves to be perfect because it's once in a lifetime. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your wedding dress looks as great as you dreamed of! Make sure to choose good quality fabric that will last throughout the years, be specific about color and prints, and take your time in trying on different styles. Finally, you 'll think that you have so much to try on but where to begin? So grab your phone and be inspired by current trends, and don't forget to check out Sourceitright to buy fabric online, that offers the newest fabrics, a huge assortment of materials, and an infinite number of color possibilities. any further needs? Explore and shop your wedding dress material with us.