Best fabrics, prints, and outfits for this Holi.

Holi is just around the corner, and we need style inspirations and ideas to look our best. It is an occasion where we need our outfit to be fun and choose the right fabric, pattern, and even accessories so that we do not face any discomfort and enjoy the festival to the fullest.


So what should you wear this Holi? What would be the best fabric, the perfect pattern, colour, and style to enhance your look for the Holi party?


Your look for this year’s Holi party will get an extra boost if you keep these fabrics and style tips in mind to look your best and enjoy a safe Holi most stylishly and comfortably.


Let us look at the best fabric and pattern choices for this Holi. 


Linen Fabric


Cotton is always the best choice.


Cotton fabric is always the ideal choice for Holi. The fabric will keep you cool and comfortable while enjoying the activities that the festival brings. Wearing white on Holi is like starting your day as a blank canvas and painting it with the joys and memories that Holi brings, but why should you limit yourself to one colour? You can always choose vibrant hues and prints to enhance your look for the festival.


The go-to Bollywood way by going with the white-blue ensemble for your Holi dress is an evergreen trend that will make you look your best on the day.


Take a look at some of these fabric collections from which you can get your perfect Holi outfit


Dyeable Cotton 

South Cotton

Slub Cotton




Linen is equally best when staying comfortable while looking stylish for the event. Chose full-sleeved linen to keep the sun rays at bay and pair it with relaxed pants or leggings. A bandhani dupatta will do the final touch-up to your style. 


Were you going for a Bollywood-inspired look? Pair up your linen Kurti or a bright-coloured top with hot pants or denim shorts for a stylish look, just like the iconic one that Deepika Padukone wore in the song Balam Pichkari.


Take a look at our linen fabrics collection that might boost up your Holi outfit.


Pure Linen Fabric 

Flex Cotton (Cotton Linen) Fabric




We all like to paint each other with the colours on Holi, but we never back out from drenching each other with water. Nylon will be the best choice for you if you will play with water at your Holi party as it does not retain moisture and won’t stick to your body parts. We are always conscious of the clothes when they get wet, and it does get in the way of enjoying the event. Nylon will save you from the trouble of checking up on your clothes every two minutes.


With nylon, something simple as a plain tank top or a loose tunic paired up with denim bottoms can be your perfect look. Go for colours that are bright and not with dark colours to keep up with the festive spirit.


You can go for some of these fabrics to create your outfit


Bandhani or Batik


When it comes to keeping it traditional and stylish, Bandhani and Batik are the best options to go with. Bandhani is famous for the bright patterns on Kurtis and even dupattas. A simple white outfit with a bandhani dupatta is one of the most sought-after and go-to looks for Holi.

Batik print fabric tops are a good choice for fusion lovers. You can also pair up batik Kurti or kurta with a bandhani dupatta.


Take a look at our Batik and Bandhani Fabric Collection.  




Chikankari (cutwork and schiffli fabric) is the evergreen look for Holi. If you have run out of ideas and the energy to look for the outfit, then Chikankari is your safest bet. A perfect look can be created with a Chikankari kurta with leggings. However, if you think this is too simple, then add a bandhani dupatta to the outfit for the look you are going for.


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