Welcome Rainy Days With the Right Fabric

Each season has its own unique qualities and the Monsoon season is one of the greatest for the majority of us. When everything around you is so green and fresh, there's something about the earthy aroma of mud in the rain. No matter how much we adore the rainy season, deciding what to wear during the rainy season is always challenging.
This is the appropriate time to replenish the racks with fresh apparel. We are much troubled by the wet season. Although the sun is not as bright during this season, the heat is present, which causes sweating. Therefore, it is necessary to wear fabrics in this weather condition to keep you dry and cool during monsoons.
Besides, getting soaked doesn't seem as fantastic as it does in movies. In reality, this may quickly turn into full chaos. Looking attractive in the rain may be difficult since you want to wear something fashionable while being comfortable. And so, the fabric you choose plays a major role.
Well, While you're getting ready for the monsoon season with everyone's favourite pakodas and chai, we'll show you how to pre-plan for rainy days with the perfect fabrics to wear this season.

Fabrics Suitable For Monsoon


 Printed Rayon Fabric

Because of its light and cool texture, this fabric resembles silk and has certain characteristics with linen and cotton. Rayon is an ideal cotton mix since it is not only breathable and light, but it also has a little shine that makes it look dressier than ordinary cotton.

Furthermore, Rayon fabric absorbs moisture quickly without storing body heat. Because this fabric dries fast, it reduces excessive sweat in humid conditions. Make beautiful flowy dresses, crafted in Rayon with Sourceitright Rayon collection is ideal for shopping or taking lunch break this monsoon!


Crepe Print Fabric Collection

Crepe is another excellent choice for the rainy season since it dries quickly. Because the fabric is thicker than cotton, it does not stick completely to the body and does not become translucent.

A colourful crepe dress is ideal for getting that perfect outdoorsy style for the rainy season. Combine it with a sassy sling and a pair of rubber flats.

This monsoon, you can add Crepe fabric to your wardrobe to ace the edgy uptown look and make cute dresses, tops or even sarees for the rainy season. Explore the collection of crepe fabric at Sourceitright.


 Satin Print Fabric

One of the most elegant fabrics, the satin fabric is equally chic and comfortable. Due to the shine in satin, this fabric is a good choice when stepping out in the rain. 

Satin is a cool trending fabric these days that can be an excellent addition to your monsoon wardrobe because of its pretty colours. So explore our satin collections and make beautiful dresses and tops or even skirts in satin and flatter your figure this monsoon.


 Musline Print Fabric

Muslin is a fabric that is light and soft than cotton but not transparent; it is ideal for use during the rainy season. In the rainy season, people wear muslin; the sarees and salwar look lovely and help to keep sweat at bay. As a result, muslin is the ideal combination of comfort and elegance.

Explore the most recent fashion trends and shop for muslin fabrics that complement your personality. Sourceitright has the perfect muslin feel fabric for your look.

Mashru Gaji

Mashru Gaji Print Fabric

Mashru Gaji is a cotton and viscose silk mix. Mashru Silk offers the look of shimmering silk yet the comfort and relaxing feel of cotton. Because the fabric is thicker, it does not entirely stick to the body and does not become translucent. However, it dries quickly and is comfy to wear. As a result, Mashru is an excellent choice for this rainy season.

It is ideal for those with a taste for luxury. It is also great for those who wish to show off their party style without sacrificing their comfort during the rainy season. Explore the entire Mashru Gaji fabric collection and plan your monsoon outfit.


Regardless of where you live, these fabrics will come in useful during the rainy season. Look no further and get your hands on these monsoon fabrics to ace your rainy days! The easiest way to deal with the rainy season is to dress in bright colours, use quick-drying materials, and accessorize with cool jewellery, string flip-flops, and waterproof purses.

So, let's not be bothered about the monsoon season, and let us go all trendy with our outfits. I hope these monsoon fashion suggestions help you enhance your monsoon outfit!
We all know buying fabric is not that difficult, but maintaining it is a different story. So here are some tips for caring & maintaining your clothes & fabrics.