60's Cambric Cotton Fabric

60's Cambric Cotton Mill Dyed Plain Fabric

60's Cambric Cotton Print Fabric

95gm Handloom Raw Silk


Ajrakh and Gamathi Gaji Fabric

Ajrakh Dupatta

Ajrakh Fabric

Ajrakh Inspired Fabric

Ajrakh Print Kantha Fabric

Animal Print Fabric

Applique Dupatta

Art Silk

Art Silk Fabric

Artificial Matka Silk Fabric

Artificial Raw Silk

Artificial Raw Silk Dyed Fabric

Artificial Silk Print Fabric

Artisan Cotton Fabric

Assam Silk Feel Prints

Azo Free Cotton Ikat Fabric

Badla & Mukaish

Bagru & Floral Block Print Mashru Gaji Fabric

Bagru Fabric

Banarasi Brocade Fabric

Banarasi Dupatta

Banarasi Katan Silk Fabric

Bandhani & Leheriya Print Fabric

Bandhani Fabric

Bandhani/Bandhej Dupatta

Batik Print Fabric

Beige - Shades & Tone Fabric

Best Seller on Sale Fabrics

Best Selling Farbics

Bhagalpur Ikat Fabric

Bhagalpuri Dyed Fabrics

Bhagalpuri Type Fabrics

Block Print

Blouse Material Fabric

Border - Printed one side Fabrics

Brasso Effect Wax Batik Print Fabric

Brocade Fabric


Brush Prints


Butter Crepe

Butter Crepe Plain Dyed Fabric

By Prints & Types

By Silk & Premium

Camouflage Design Fabric

Chanderi Dupatta

Chanderi Feel Dyeable

Chanderi Feel Fabric

Chanderi Feel Plains

Checks - Zari Fabric

Checks Design Fabric

Checks Jacquard Fabric

Chevron Design Fabric


Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon Plain

Chiffon Print Fabrics

Chiffon Prints

Chinnon Chiffon

Chinon Chiffon

Christmas Collection

Contemporary Print Fabric

Cotton Dupatta

Cotton Dyeable

Cotton Fabric

Cotton Flex Fabric

Cotton Jacquard Fabric

Cotton Linen

Cotton Lining Fabric (Astar)

Cotton Mal Fabric - Hand Block Print

Cotton Mal Prints ( Digital)

Cotton Motif Jacquard Fabric

Cotton Print Fabric

Cotton Satin Fabric

Cotton Satin Prints Fabric

Cotton Silk Fabric


Crepe Fabric

Crepe Prints Fabric

Crepe Type Fluid & Fancy Dyed Fabric

Crepe Type Fluid Fancy Printed Fabric

Cut Piece Fabric

Cut Work and Schiffli Fabric

Dabu Print Fabric

Daman Border

Deal Of the Week


Desire Cotton

Dew Drops

Digital Cotton Mal Prints

Digital Printed Fabric



Diwali Festive Fabrics

Dobby Cotton Fabric

Dobby Fabric

Dobby Lycra

Dobby Lycra

Dolla Silk

Double Ikat Cotton fabric

Dupatta & Stoles

Dupion (Artificial Raw Silk) Fabric

Dupion Dyeable

Dupion Jacquard Fabric

Dusty Gamathi Gaji Fabric

Dusty Gamathi Kantha Cotton Fabric

Dyeable Embroidered Fabric

Dyeable Fabric

Dyeable Linen Fabric

Dyeable Velvet Fabric

Dyed & Cross Tones of Slub Cotton Fabric

Dyed & Plain Cotton Fabric

Dyed Colours and Cross Tones of South Cotton Fabric

Dyed Cotton Satin Fabric

Dyed Dani Gaji Fabric

Dyed Dani Gaji Fabric

Dyed Flex Cotton Fabric

Dyed Mashru Gaji Fabric

Dyed Matty Cotton Fabric

Dyed Rayon Fabric

Dyed Velvet Fabric


Embroidered Fabric

Embroidered Fabrics


Ethnic Print Fabric

Everyday Post

Fabric for Pant

Fabric for Saree

Fabric for Top Dress Material

Fabric in Combination for Dress Material

Fabric New Arrivals

Fabric Sale

Fabric Sale - 05% OFF

Fabric Sale - 10% OFF

Fabric Sale - 15% OFF

Fabric Sale - 20% OFF

Fabric Sale - 25% OFF

Fabric Sale - 30% OFF

Fabric Sale - 35% OFF

Fabric Sale - 40% OFF

Fabric Sale - 45% OFF

Fabric Sale - 50% OFF


Fabrics by Art

Fabrics for Festive Collection

Fabrics for Weddig,Sangeet & Mehendi Attires

Fabrics with Woven and Printed Designs in Border

Face Mask

Fancy Fabrics

Fancy Jacquard Fabric

Fancy Print Fabrics

Fine Mul Type Cotton Fabric

Fish Scale

Flat 150

Flat 150

Flat 199

Flex Cotton Dyeable

Flex Fabrics


Floral Cotton Prints

Floral design

Floral Jaal

Foil Fabric

Foil Printed Fabric

For Navratri Festive Fabrics

French Crepe

French Crepe

Fresh Arrivals

Gaji Bandhej Fabric

Gaji Batik Fabric

Gaji Fabric

Gaji Patola & Ethnic Fabric

Gaji Polka Fabric

Gaji Prints

Gaji Silk

Gaji Silk Dupatta

Gamathi Cotton Fabric

Gamathi Dusty Cotton Fabric

Gamathi Plain Fabric

Geometric Fabric

Georgette Fabric

Georgette Fabric Dyed

Georgette Prints Fabric

Hand Block Print Fabric


Handloom Linen

Handloom Linen Prints

Handmade Applique Fabric

Happy Holi Fabric Offer

Holographic Organza Fabric

Ikat Cotton Fabric

Ikat Dupatta

Ikat Fabric

Imported Fabric

Imported Chiffon Fabric

Imported Crepe Fabric

Imported Embroidered Fabric

Imported Organza Fabric

Imported Satin Fabric

Imported Shimmer Fabric

Indigo and Dabu Prints on Gaji Fabric

Indigo Fabric

Indigo Prints Fabric

Inventory between 99 to 199

Jacquard Fabric

Jaipur Block Print Fabric

Jaipuri Cotton Print Fabric

Jaipuri Design Type Prints

Jaipuri Hand Block Prints on Premium Mul Cotton Fabric

Jaipuri Print Fabric


Jute Fabric

Jute Fabric

Kalamkari - Quirky and Geometric Cotton Fabric

Kalamkari Fabric

Kantha Fabric (Machine Made)

Kasab Jacquard Gaji Fabric

Kasab Jacquard Gaji Fabric

Kashish Dabu Fabric

Kinkhab Fabric

Kite Festival Fabric Collection


Kota Checks Type

Kota Checks Type Fabric

Lawn Cotton



Linen Cotton

Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen Feel Fabrics

Linen Feel Imported Fabric

Linen Satin Dyeable Fabric

Linen Silk

Linen X Linen

Lining Fabric

Lizzy Bizzy Fabric

Lohri Fabric Collection

Lurex Fabric



Magenta - Shades & Tone

Mal Cotton Dabu Fabric

Mangalgiri Cotton Fabric

Mangalgiri Jacquard Fabric

Mangalgiri Nizam Zari Border Handloom Cotton Fabric

Mangalgiri Plain Cotton Fabric

Maroon Shades & Tones Fabric

Mashru Gaji Fabric

Matty Cotton Fabric

Mercerised Cotton Plain Fabric

Mercerised Ikat Cotton Fabric

Mill Processed

Mix & Match Dress Material Fabrics



Modal Printed Fabric

Modal Satin

Modal Satin Dyeable

Modal Satin Fabric

Modal Satin Plain Fabric

Modal Satin Printed Fabric

Modal Silk Dupatta

Monochrome Prints Fabric

Moss Crepe Fabric


Mul Cotton Fabric

Mul Cotton Printed Fabric

Mulberry Cotton Silk Fabric

Munga Silk

Munga Silk Dyeable

Muslin Dobby

Muslin Fabric

Muslin Print Fabric

Natural Gamathi Cotton Fabric


Net Dyeable

Net Plain Fabric

New Root Category

Non Selling

Nursery Prints Fabric

Ombre Fabric

Online Store Product with inventory equal to greater than 200

Organdy Cotton


Organza Fabric

Organza Plain Fabric

Our Use

Pagari Voil Rubia Fabric for Turban and Dress Material Lining


Paper Silk

Patola and Indian Ethnic Prints Gaji Fabric

Patola Design Printed Fabric

Patola Print Dupatta

Piece inventory more then 1

Pigment Katra Slub Cotton

Pin Tucks Fabric

Plain Fabrics

Plain Silk Fabric

Plain Silk Fabric

Plain Solid Tone Poplin Fabric

Plains & Dyeable

Polka Fabric

Poly Crepe Fabric

Poly Georgette

Poly Linen Satin

Poly Linen Satin Fabric

Poly Linen Satin Fabric

Poly Muslin

Poly Satin

Poly Tussar



Pongal Festive Fabrics

Poplin Cotton Fabric

Premium Digital Print Twill Fabric

Premium Dress Material

Premium fabric collection

Premium Gaji Print Fabric

Premium Georgette Prints

Premium Linen Solid & Cross Tone Fabric

Premium Silk Fabric

Print on Chanderi Inspired Fancy Fabric

Printed Fabric

Printed Flex Fabric

Printed Mul Cotton Fabric

Printed Organza Fabric

Printed Slub Fabric

Prints on Premium Fabric

Pure Chanderi

Pure Raw Silk Butti Fabric

Pure Raw Silk Fabric (Dupion Silk)

Purple - Shades & Tone Fabric

Quirky Print Fabric

Rakhi Fabric Sale

Raw Silk

Raw Silk (Silk & Premium)


Rayon Fabric

Rayon Linen Fabric

Rayon Lycra Fabric

Rayon Prints Fabric

Sambalpuri Ikat Fabric




Satin Chiffon Dyeable Fabric

Satin Fabric

Satin Prints Fabric

Satin Silk


Shades & Tone of Grey Colour in Fabric

Shades & Tone of Orange Colour Fabric

Shades & Tones

Shades & Tones Of Aqua Colour Fabric

Shades & Tones of Coral Fabric

Shades and Tones of Brown Fabric

Shades of Black Fabric

Shades of Blue Fabric

Shades of Green Fabric

Shades of Pink Fabric

Shades of Red Fabric

Shades of White Fabric

Shades of Yellow Fabric


Shimmer Fabric

Shimmer Georgette

Shimmer Georgette

Shimmer Organza Fabric

Shimmer Satin Poly Fabric


Silk and Fancy Jacquard Fabric

Silk Feel

Silk Ikat Fabric

Silk Prints

Slub Cotton Fabric

Slub Rayon Fabric

Small Butti

Soft Silk Feel Cotton


South Cotton Fabric for Dress Material

South Cotton Mini Checks Fabric

Spun Cotton [Banarasi PS Cotton Silk]

Spun Cotton [Banarasi PS]

Spun Dupion [Artificial Raw Silk] Fabric

Spun Ghicha Artificial Silk

Spun Ghicha Artificial Silk

Striped - Paneled Fabric

Striped Design Fabrics

Stripes and Border Jacquard Fabric

Suiting & Shirting

Summer Prints

Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta Fabric


test 1

Test Collections

Tie and Dye Fabric

Tissue Fabric

Trending Fabrics

Tussar Fabric

Tussar Ghicha

Tussar Ghicha Fabric

Tussar Prints Fabric

Tussar Silk

Tussar Silk Dupatta

Twill Cotton

Twill Cotton Fabric

Twill Fabric

Two Ply Cotton Fabric

Two Ply Cotton Fabric - Plain & Cross Tones

Two X Two 100% Rubia Cotton

Two X Two Rubia Cotton


Unique Ethnic Borders Fabric

Vanaspati Hand Block Print Fabric

Vanaspati Prints

Velvet Digital Print Fabric

Velvet Fabric

Velvet Prints

Velvet Silk

Viscos Rayon


Viscose Bemberg Satin Dyeable Fabric

Viscose Chiffon

Viscose Dull Muslin Dyeable Fabric

Viscose Georgette

Viscose Georgette Dyeable

Viscose Habotai Silk Dyeable Fabric

Viscose Linen Satin

Viscose linen satin paints

Viscose Linen Satin Prints

Viscose Plains

Viscose Raw Silk Print Fabric

Viscose Santoon Dyeable Fabric

Viscose Satin Fabric

Voile Type Cotton


Yarn Tie Dye Fabrics

Zari Butta Fabric

Zari Butti - Artificial Raw Silk Fabric